Thursday, May 17, 2012

Safety Tips for Leasing Agents

Los Angeles Property Managment Company shares
Safety Tips When Showing a Vacant Unit

Don't let this happen to anyone you know:

Woman Raped While Showing Apartment to Prospective Renter

1)      Always get ID from the perspective lessor and let them know they will get it back after the showing.  Then lock it up in a safe place (safe, filing cabinet, or desk drawer) where someone will find it if need be.

2)      Opening the windows in a vacant unit each morning is a good habit to get into.  It not only allows fresh air and natural sunlight in, it allow noise to travel and should a confutation of any sort arise allow neighbors to more easily hear a struggle.

3)      Whenever possible use the buddy system.  If you are on-site alone, get in the habit of letting your owner or office know when you are stepping out to show a vacancy and when you return.

4)      Always leave the front door open and let your prospect enter first.  Walking behind and allowing  a clear exit path.

5)      Carry a bottle of mace or whistle with you.

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