Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reviews from some of our Clients

Nothing promotes a business like a good review. People are more inclined to reach out to you if they see other clients who have had great experiences and have gained peace of mind from working with you. We pride ourselves on results and we always appreciate feedback from clients, to help us learn what we are doing right and what we can improve upon. We are always yearning to go above and beyond.

Check out these reviews to prove to you how we can help not only manage, but improve your property as well, and give you the peace of mind you deserve:

"I have worked in the commercial real estate industry since 1985 as a broker and investor of multifamily properties. Given my background, I am confident my perspective will be helpful to you as you evaluate the Madison Real Estate Group. I am very pleased with Jacqueline Kimaz and the performance of her team. Jackie has managed my portfolio of properties since 1998 and I have never contemplated finding another management firm to replace her. From day one they were presented with an enormous task. Like many other landlords, my properties were properties were plagued with problems resulting from the economic downturn, Jacqueline'€™s team was able to stabilize the increasing number of move-outs by taking a creative approach when negotiating tenant leases, bringing my properties to 100% occupancy levels and maintaining them. On the maintenance side, we have made improvements to the building in the form or new roofs, plumbing upgrades, exterior/interior painting, landscaping, etc. and I have never had to worry about a thing. Jackie and her team have overseen every project from beginning to end allowing me the opportunity to enjoy the ownership of my properties without any of the headaches. I would highly recommend the Madison Real Estate Group."

-Multifamily Property Owner

"I sleep better at night since Madison Real Estate Group began managing my apartment buildings. In the year that I'€™ve engaged them, we had to deal with numerous deferred maintenance issues such as a hot water pipe burst and subsequent re-piping of the entire set of buildings, re-asphalting pavement, seismic gas valve installation, as well as new on-site managers and an eviction, on top of the usual set of normal everyday problems of owning an investment property. With each new challenge that appeared, they maintained a cool, level-headed €œkeep calm and carry-on€ attitude, quietly and professionally solving the problem. They a€™re responsive (especially during a crisis), pro-active and easy to get a hold of. They ha€™ve earned my respect and have become my rock in managing my investment - I couldn'€™t imagine owning the buildings without them and will eagerly engage the Madison Real Estate Group on future properties that I intend to acquire."

-Multifamily Property Owner

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