Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Madison Real Estate Group has been awarded the property management of four multifamily projects in North Hollywood

The Madison Real Estate Group has been awarded the property management of four multifamily projects in North Hollywood
By: PRWeb
Posted on April 18, 2013 at 06:32 AM EDT
One of the top regional commercial property management firms on the west coast, The Madison Real Estate Group, has been granted the property management of the housing projects by the Los Angeles Superior Court. One of the company's founding partners, Jacqueline Kimaz, has been appointed as receiver by the Court to manage four multifamily apartment complexes in North Hollywood, California. Located in a highly desirable area, the properties face significant competition in a market that has a vacancy factor in excess of 15%. The Madison Real Estate Group has been retained to take over the management of the properties and to collect rents, pay operating expenses, correct any health and safety issues and handle leasing.
As a court appointed receiver, Jacqueline Kimaz works with the seasoned professionals at The Madison Real Estate Group to preserve the value of the assets under her appointment. The Madison Real Estate Group has developed a comprehensive property management plan that offers the transparency both the ownership and lenders need to enable them to make informed decisions.
"The founders of Madison have a long standing relationship working with financial institutions providing real estate expertise in stabilizing distressed properties and take a proactive approach to limiting their liability exposure," said Joe Kimaz, President of The Madison Real Estate Group. "This assignment is just another testament of the trust lenders have in The Madison Real Estate Group and the team of professionals working for us."
With the addition of these assignments to Madison's portfolio, Madison continues to expand its Southern California Portfolio of managed commercial properties. The Madison Real Estate Group specializes in brokerage, receivership, commercial property management, self-storage properties, office buildings, industrial parks, retail centers, leasing/tenant placement and RV Resort/mobile homeparks.
About The Madison Real Estate Group
The Madison Real Estate Group is an entrepreneurial and experienced full service multifamily and commercial real estate company specializing in receivership, property management, tenant placement and brokerage, and serves as a trusted advisor to financial institutions and private investors. We have built our reputation by offering innovative solutions to our clients property management needs, adding value to their portfolio, and consistently exceeding their expectations for service and performance. For more information about The Madison Real Estate Group, visit or email Joe at Jkimaz(at)


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